Fifthteen years ago I become preoccupied with food photography as a pioneer of cook-it-yourself approach. During my studies of fine arts printmaking and drawing at the Academy of Fine Arts I developed love for photography. This background influenced my perception, the way I combine elements of composition. I look for light and textures. I love to capture the atmosphere and the moment and to highlight the natural beauty of seasonal produce.

I enjoy working in my natural daylight kitchen photography studio in Zagreb, Croatia located on the top floor with high ceilings and north facing windows with big collection of props. Also I love to travel worldwide and work on different destinations.

I'm specialising in creating thoughtful imagery and content for brands across the food, travel and lifestyle industries. My field covers editorial, books, packaging and advertising. You can find my work in many leading regional but also international food and lifestyle magazines. I`ve authored over 40 cookbooks and have been working with many advertising agencies.

Nowadays I often work closely with a group of talented food and prop stylists because I believe that great creativity is often a result of team effort. Except them, you can also meet a bunch of people in my kitchen, doing their best at eating, cooking or just dropping by to have a chat over a glass of wine.

I am proudly winner of the Food for the Family category at the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2016., one of the biggest world photo competitions. For 2017. I made in 3rd place in same competition. 

Besides all that I’m a mother of a nine-year-old boy and an addict for a raw tuna sashimi style. I will never say no to steak tartar or a good BBQ. 

Want to work together? To inquire about creative collaborations, to commission work, or just to say hello, please send me an email:

For full portfolio, please check my BEHANCE page or have a look at my INSTAGRAM profile.